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Elizabeth's Book Club - January 2020 Selection - Loves True Second Chance

Author Jeff Dawson's book Loves True Second Chance is our January 2020 selection for Elizabeth's Book Club. This is a new club and Jeff's book Loves True Second Chance is our first choice of our club. Join Elizabeth's Best Book Club on Facebook

If you have your own book club also and would like to interview Jeff, please contact us and we will put you in touch with Jeff or you can reach out to him directly on Twitter @JeffDawson59.

Listen to our interview with author Jeff Dawson and read more about him here:


Discussion questions: Love’s True Second Chance

1. Why was the first chapter of the book the day she died

2. How did you and Debbie meet in high school?

3. What caught your eye about her?

4. Did she pursue you or you her?

5. Did you start dating immediately or was there a period of time before the first date?

6. Were you dating another girl at the time and why did that not work out

7. Tell us about your first date and how that went.

8. Once you realized she was the girl for you, how long did you two date?

9. What are some of the fondest memories you have of Debbie.?

10. What caused your break up?

11. Did you run into her at Oklahoma State? If so, how did those meetings go?

12. Did you keep any memories of Debbie and what did your wife think of that?

13. Why after thirty years, did you seek her out and how did it happen?

14. Were you excited to see her? Did she try and dissuade you from coming to see her?

15. Did she live close to Dallas or were going to have to travel?

16. Did she try and talk you out of getting together?

17. What was going through your mind as you drove to McAlester, Oklahoma for the reunion?

18. Tell us about that first meeting with her?

19. What was her girls first impression of you?

20. How long was it before the second date?

21. When did you know her girls were going to accept you into their lives?

22. Tell us about the fondest memory you have of the time you spent together.

23. Did you do something where you thought the relationship was in jeopardy? How was the situation remedied?

24. Was there another time you thought the relationship would fail?

25. Why was the first chapter of the book the day she died?

26. Tell us some of things the four of you did together.

27. Did your children get a chance to meet Debbie and her girls? If so, tell us how those events went.

28. When did she think her cancer was back? How did you react?

29. Were you with her when she received the diagnosis? How did you deal with the news? Who told her girls and what was their reaction?

30. After listening to your answers, it sounds like you spent years together. How long did the relationship actually last?

31. After reading this heart felt story, do you think you’ll ever remarry?

32. Looking back, is there anything you wish you would have done different when you knew the cancer had returned?

33. To quote Debbie’s explanation for you two reuniting, do you honestly believe you two were able to take care of “unfinished business?”

34. How are her girls doing today?

35. Has your writing style been compared to any other famous author?

36. What would be your advice to people who are afraid of taking a second chance at love.

About Jeff Dawson

Jeff is the author of the book Loves True Second Chance, which is the recipient of the January 2020 Elizabeth's Best Award.  Loves True Second Chance, is a true story of love and heartache in high school, the feelings of anger, and curiosity through the years, and finally a reuniting.

Mr. Dawson was involved in the road construction business for over twenty-five years. He endured great highs and lows: fathered three children, went through a divorce, two failed business ventures, bankruptcy, multiple surgeries and a reunification with his high school sweetheart, Debbie, who he would kiss goodbye for the last time seven months later.

His last surgery in 2010 forced him to temporarily exit the construction industry. With one career behind him, he ventured into a new one--writing. The first stories he wrote are real life scenarios dealing with losing loved ones to cancer: his partner, father and Debbie. These works are both honest and heart-warming. He holds nothing back as he allows readers to look deep into the psyche of one who has loved and lost so much.

For more information about Jeff and to purchase his books on Amazon

Connect with Jeff Dawson on GoodReads.

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